Joshua Langley was born in Cornwall, England, in October 1995. A bright and perceptive child, he didn’t enjoy the institution of school, but was drawing and painting with unusual ability from the young age of three.


He grew up surrounded by the sea and the striking Cornish landscapes, which have contributed in influencing his art. Having moved to Hampshire at the age of 11, Josh was again encircled by more visual inspiration. His home town is surrounded by maritime themes, primarily the River Hamble, which isn’t just close to his home, but also close to his heart.

Josh overcame many challenges during his schooling and passed his GCSE’s, excelling in Art. He went on to study A level Fine Art at Barton Peveril sixth form college, then continuing his education with a Level 3 National Diploma in Art & Design at Fareham college.


Although receiving a formal education in Art, Josh is purely self taught when painting in oils. He has developed his own distinctive style of working and carry’s the traditional themes he grew up around within his paintings and demeanour.